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What makes Texas BBQ so Special?

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What makes Texas BBQ something so very special? Well from our perspective it is the pinnacle of American BBQ. First it is more than pork — beef is king and the local produce provides a great palette for our art. Secondly our dry rub is crucial. We have a unique blend of herbs, spices and 4 different chillies that hold true to the authenticity of Texas BBQ. We won't sauce meat on the smoker since it washes out flavour and creates a bitter taste.

Finally we slow smoke each cut to exacting specifications using specially selected oak and other hardwoods for up to 24 hrs to infuse that amazing flavour. Most of all there is little room for error — we believe that every morsel leaves the smoker at its peak. Try our meats "naked" to really appreciate this attention to detail. Of course we offer a wide range of sauces and other dishes that add sweetness and heat while still bringing out all that slow smoked goodness without covering up the unique flavours of our meat and spices.

Tipsy Texan

Our homage to Franklin BBQ in Austin Texas -- This bap is a tall drink of water stacked high with Beef Brisket, Mature Cheddar, Pulled Pork, Cowboy Coleslaw, Picked Mix and your choice of sauce! A true Texas Sized portion of our very best. But dont let us show you, here are a few folks enjoying our pride and joy :-)

Our Meats

JR's Texas Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket

In Texas brisket is the king of BBQ. We've had a number of raised eyebrows when we mention brisket as over here it seems to be treated as a lesser cut of meat. How wrong. We give it the full JR's Texas Smokehouse experience! Marinade the meat for a day in JR's special dry rub followed by 24 hours of hot smoking to deliver the truly incredible JR's King of Texas BBQ brisket. Full of great flavour and so so tender. Sure to make your eyes roll with delight :-)

JR's Smokey Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

If you've tried BBQ pulled pork that's great, however, nothing compares to how we prepare JR's Smokey Pulled Pork. A minimum of 12 hours marinading in JR's special dry rub then 12 hours of hot smoking before we pull it delivers an amazing smokey goodness. We guarantee you won't have tasted anything like this outside of Texas. Once you've tried JR's Smokey Pulled Pork you'll always want it this way

JR's Texas Smoked Turkey

Texas Turkey

Turkey just for Christmas? We're sure you'll think again once you have tried the truly amazing JR's Texas Smoked Turkey the taste and texture will really surprise you. 6 hours marinading in JR's special dry rub and then hot smoked for another 6 hours delivers a JR's Texas Smoked Turkey which you can enjoy all year round. Full of flavour, never bland, always tender, never dry, perhaps your Christmas bird will never be the same again??!!

JR's Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs are known for being one of the most tender cuts of pork. Dry Rubbed, slow smoked, and basted in our Bourbon BBQ sauce. These racks deliver an amazing flavour. Served as a full rack (Double Portion outside of Texas). Bring your biggest appetite to enjoy the full experience!!

JR's Smoked Chicken and Wings


Chicken really takes on an amazing flavour and aroma after we use our special blends of herbs, chilis and spices and a few hours on the smoker! We have both half chicken and wings available — a winner with our Buffalo, Ranch or "White Devil" Sauce!

JR's Texas Smoked Sausage


Sausage in Texas comes from our German and Czech roots — and a big departure from the normal fare in England. Big meaty sausages with only 3 ingredients — Pork, Spices and Lager. A true taste of Texas!

We pair our smoked goodness with some down home side dishes to give you that full Texas experience.

Our Side ItemsOur Sauces
Cowboy ColeslawBourbon BBQ Sauce
Yankee Potato SaladCherry Chipotle Sauce
Smokey Mac N CheeseTexas Tangy Mustard Sauce
Texas Spicy BeansHabanero Ranch — The White Devil
Cornbread MuffinsButtermilk Ranch