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It all started at a bar in Texas...


It all started at a bar in Dallas Texas. A technology conference brought together two guys — one from Houston, Texas the other from a village in England — Woore. Over a few lagers, a few bourbons and a great plate of BBQ — they became fast friends that started a passion for amazing food, a love of England and the idea for JR's Texas Smokehouse.

With family that has been serving BBQ for decades and many pilgrimages across the Great State of Texas where they studied the very best smoked meats and spices, they have taken the unique process of slow smoking and the authentic flavours of Texas and brought them to the heart of England. Having grown up in the local area, Rob knew that the amazing produce of Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire would be perfectly paired with the slow smoked goodness of True Texas BBQ. This commitment to the very best ingredients, the time honoured traditions of slow smoking and an amazing Texas Experience are the heart behind JR's Texas Smokehouse.

We would love you all to share this unique to the UK foodie experience and looking forward to cooking up something really special for you.